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La cathédrare Notre-Dame de paris


In the 12th century, Maurice de Sully, who was bishop of Paris at the time, began construction on a new cathedralon the site of two former places of worship: Notre-Dame and Saint Stephen. The Rue Neuve was opened along the future cathedral’s axis, crossing through a maze of alleys, closely-built wooden houses, and seventeen chapels. This new street made is possible to transport construction material and connect the cathedral to the existing north-south thoroughfare.


The “Parvis Notre-Dame”, which was expanded in the 17th century, was cleared of all houses and buildings and arranged in its current configuration by Baron Haussmann in the 1860-1870. The cobblestones show the names of former buildings (including Saint Stephen’s cathedral (cathédrale Saint-Etienne)). The archaeological crypt houses the ruins discovered during excavation in 1965-1967.


In 2013, the cathedral will celebrate its 850 years anniversary. From December 12, 2012 to November 24, 2013, many events and celebrations will commemorate this Jubilee. Restoration work will also enhance the building and a pilgrimage will be proposed to every one of us. This Jubilee is a great opportunity to make numerous projects a reality and to offer series of events throughout the year.


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